Door To Door

We, Will Logistics Ltd as the pioneer in delivering door to door shipping services, can pick up the cargot from the Door of the Shipper and delivery to the consignee‘s door after completing all the procedures and formalities.

Each and every development from picking up the consignment till delivery of the consignee will be communicated and can also be tracked through the Links under our scheme of door to door services.

From the time we collect your cargoes, to the time it is delivered to your destination address, we handle everything. The charges include: Customs Clearance, Terminal Charges and Local Delivery costs to residences in Vietnam or the other destination all over the world. Charges exclude Customs Inspection, Quarantine Inspection, Import Duties and Sales Taxes. These rates are available on request.

Please kindly contact with us to use Door to Door services to save your cost and time.